Season 3 of Bigloser is GO!

The end of one journey marks the beginning of another. Just as we conclude Season 2 on a high note (33 sponsors donated Rs47,575 to various charities), we start a brand new season of bigloser! In two years, bigloser sponsors have donated just under Rs2Lakhs to a wide range of charities. On this feel-good note, we begin another season of bigloser!

Bigloser Season 3 begins today and will last for one year till 31st March 2014. The rules remain the same. Please read “How to participate” and “How to make bigloser work for you“.

Points to remember:
1. Find a sponsor or sponsor yourself. Pledges can be in any amount. Fitness targets can be in any form, not just weight lost.

2. Bigloser works on Twitter. If you quit Twitter, you quit bigloser

3. Always use the #bglsr tag so we can track your tweets on Twitter

4. Tweet out to @bglsr or @b50 for any queries or doubts

The current list of sponsors and participants are listed on this Google Spreadsheet. Being by reaching out and sponsoring someone or getting sponsored.

All the best for a great season ahead! Achieve ALL your fitness targets and then some!