Announcing the #15DayGym Challenge with FSY

Bigloser is thrilled to announce a contest in association with Fun Sexy You an online store for lingerie, sleepwear and gym wear.
The rules for the contest are as follows:

1. Only #bglsr sponsors/participants can take part (ie: your name MUST be on our spreadsheet from now till 10th Nov, a day before the contest starts)

2. The contest starts on 11th November (Monday) and ends on 30th November (Saturday), unless we have all 3 winners earlier

3. You have to go the gym and use 4sq (or any other location tracking app) to validate your presence. If you forget, and if it comes to a tie, tweets with higher checkins will get preference

4. You have to tag your tweets with both tags #bglsr and #FSYGymFit. If you forget, and if it comes to a tie, tweets with regular usage of tags will get preference

5. The first 3 contestants to complete 15 days will be adjudged winners

6. Each winner will receive a gift voucher of Rs500 from FSY redeemable on their website

7. In case of a tie, higher check-ins and hash tag usage will decide the winner

8. To re-iterate: Only the first 3 winners will get the voucher. The earlier tweet will count over the later one

9. Prize distribution will be co-ordinated between the winner and FSY directly. Bigloser plays no role on this front

10. There will be a tracker Google Spreadsheet in place to monitor participants