The 21Day Challenge

Bigloser is holding a contest for the month of June 2013 on Twitter. The first 3 winners will each get a Rs500 voucher from Flipkart:

Background here.


1. Only #bglsr sponsors/participants can take part (ie: your name MUST be on our spreadsheet as of 31st May 2013)

2. The contest starts on 1st June and ends on 30th June, unless we have all 3 winners earlier

3. You have to go the gym and use 4sq (or any other app) to validate your presence. If you forget, and if it comes to a tie, tweets with higher checkins will get preference

4. You have to tag your tweets with both tags #bglsr or #21DayGym. If you forget, and if it comes to a tie, whoever has used the tags more often will get preference

5. You have to complete 21 days at the gym, starting from 1st June 2013 to 30th June 2013. Only four rest days are allowed.

6. Only the first 3 winners will get the voucher. The earlier tweet will count over the later one.