The power of teams

We have 3 wonderful teams on #bglsr now. These are groups of people sponsoring and participating together as part of Bigloser. It’s a wonderful way to keep each other motivated, help each other when someone’s feeling low and keep your pushing yourself to your fitness goal. Here are the 3 teams:

1. The Fantastic Four – the original group that started it all and are very consistent with their activity and updates: @chhavi @missshwe @jarnagandhi and @itemmom Hashtag: #thefantasticfour

2. Hum Paanch – consists of @unitechy @baxishweta @blahssome @sunainak and @b50. Hashtag: #HumPaanch

3. Fab 5 – just formed today, it consists of @poojalapasia, @mayankd11 @nobodysdamsel, @chhavi and @ghumakkadchoree. Hashtag: #Fab5

Go ahead, form your own team, encourage each other and stay motivated!

How to make Bigloser work for you

Bigloser works on the buddy system. The best way to make it work for you is to interact, reach out, help, support, encourage. Here are 3 tips.

1. Form a team. Get 2-3 more people to join you. Work out together

2. Tweet using the #bglsr tag so you can see what other people are doing, what their fitness regime is, etc. Reach out to people looking for help

3. Be responsible. If you are a sponsor, keep pushing your participant everyday, talk to them, encourage them

It’s your fitness and your money. Surely they are both important to you!

How to take part in Bigloser

1. Ping us @bglsr saying that a) you want to take part b) you need a sponsor/you will sponsor yourself

2. Set a fitness target from now till 31st March 2014 (for example: I will run/cycle/swim total 100kms by 31Mar, I will lose/gain 10kgs by 31Mar)

3. Find a sponsor (ping us @bglsr and we can help) or sponsor yourself

4. Set a pledge for each unit of fitness target (for example: Rs100 per kilo)

5. Start (or continue) your fitness routine

6. Measure yourself on 31March2014 and check what you achieved

7. Pledge x result = Donation amount (if you lost 10kgs and pledged Rs100/kg you will donate Rs1,000) by you or your sponsor

List of Sponsors and Participants so far in Season 2

Presenting the Bigloser Season 2 list of sponsors and the people they are betting on:

@b50 – sponsoring @baxishweta

@hiway – sponsoring @shaaqt

@chhavi – sponsoring @itemmom @misshwe @jarnagandhi & @chhavi

@tonytongbram – sponsoring @suddentwilight @shaaqt @baxiswheta and  @bawri_se_ki

@kp1200 – sponsoring @a_appy

@poojalapasia – sponsoring @pushkaraj7

@madmanhawk – sponsoring self

@prolificd – sponsoring @missfaustus

@SamirSaxena – sponsoring self, @bawri_se_ki @iHimz @juniorhanda

@bawri_se_ki – sponsoring @maintal_buoy

@maintal_buoy – sponsoring @PBiraia

@MeghnaIyer – sponsoring @iHimz

@SashG – sponsoring @Chet6 

@Chet6  – sponsoring self and also @ritikadarira

@ritikadarira – sponsoring @Chet6

@Tonytonybram – sponsoring self and @suddentwilight

@jayaramk1983 – sponsoring self

@pushkaraj7– sponsoring @deepthiprasad & @DeePakao

@hemantkanugo – sponsoring @vbubber

@itemmom – sponsoring TheSoothsayer_

@aaR4 – sponsoring @prachigetsfit

@TheSoothsayer_ – sponsoring @MeghaGhosh

@poojalapasia – sponsoring @GhumakkadChoree & @chhavi & @Mayank211

GaganU & @hemantkanugo – sponsoring —GaganU

@jarnagandhi, @b50, @girishmallya, @shaaqT and @happyfeet_a – sponsoring @Blahssome

bawri_se_ki– sponsoring @SassyTharoor

MeghnaIyer – sponsoring @pritweety

iHimz – sponsoring MeghnaIyer

@nimue_ – sponsoring self

Have we missed your name? Drop us a comment below or ping us @bglsr!

The Bigloser Giveaway

Bigloser is in the last three months of Season 2, which ends on 31st March 2013. To give you one final push to achieve your fitness goals and encourage Bigloser participation so that we can raise a good amount for charity this time too (In Season 1 we raised Rs141,000) we will be giving away three Flipkart vouchers worth Rs500 every month.

The three vouchers will go to:

1. Most regular check-ins at Bigloser (ie: the more you exercise and tweet with the tag, the better chance you have of winning. Note: You have to be exercising, so random tweets with the tag won’t qualify!)

2. Most engagement in promoting and encouraging your team – The more people you sponsor and the more you engage with them in a month, the better chance you have of winning! (Note: We need to see regular conversations between you as a sponsor and the team of people you are sponsoring!)

3. Randomly picked person for most creative (meaning helpful, thought-provoking, inspiring) use of the #bglsr hash tag on Twitter!

We will announce the winner at the end of each month. You can win the prize voucher only once in these three months. Winners will receive their voucher code via email.

In case of any questions, drop us a comment here, or email us at or just tweet us @bglsr on Twitter!