The BigLoser India Podcast #034 (it's a wrap!)

Get your fitness on!


Episode 34 of the #bglsr podcast is the wrap up for S01 and it’s FUN! Don’t take our word for it, listen now! We’ve got the names of the biggest donors for charity as well as the folks who lost the most weight. Are you on it? We’ve got three former #BLOTW’s sharing a little bit with us about their #bglsr experience AND, the cherry on top: We’ve also got our new jingle – recorded outside our host Komala‘s after the tweetup by @ItemMom, @ItemDad, @Sashg, @hiway, @sengupta, @netra, @SamuraiSingh, @suddentwilight, @mehulved, @Prashantdr, @b50, me, i.e. @chhavi, and led by the irrepressible @imayavi (who “had a figure in mind”). Listen loud πŸ˜€
(@ShaaqT, we missed you and @Mokshjuneja after you left early! Did I miss anyone?)


All this in under 6 minutes – hosted, as always, by chhavi and produced by Sonologue.

Wrapping up BigLoser Season 1

What began as one tweet on Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011 morphed into a one-year long charity + fitness initiative that raised – and paid – Rs130,000 to charity. Along the way, loads of people had loads of fun. Some saw the results of being fitter – a better, happier life. Some, self included, started off well but lost their way somewhere in the middle. We will find our way soon.

With this, Season 1 of Bigloser is over. We are now on a break for some time. Season 2? Let’s see. But that shouldn’t stop you from reaching your fitness goals, 24×7 and 365 days a year. So go ahead, be a bigloser and we hope to see you on the other side!

Meanwhile, you can still use the tracker on the website to monitor your progress.

#Bglsrtwtup S01 finale – Feb 5, 11 a.m.

BigLoser India will have it’s season finalΓ© tweet up on Sunday, February 5. Join us at 11 a.m. at Komala’s in Lower Parel (High Street Phoenix, across Costa coffee on the lower level beneath PVR) and let’s catch up, congratulate each other and share the final tally of pledges πŸ™‚
Are you in?
Comment and rsvp please πŸ˜€

Final Donation Tally

A big thanks to everyone! We’ve hit Rs141,001 in total donations in Bigloser! Yay! Almost all of these monies have been acknowledged as received by HelpTrust and RangDe has its own page listing the payments received. Some participants have chosen to give money to their own charity and we trust they have fulfilled their pledges with payments to these charities.

This is the final list of people (Twitter handles) and the amount they paid in Bigloser.

No Handle Amount
1 Surekhapillai 15,000
2 b50 14,039
3 iMayavi 10,001
4 AnitaVarma 10,000
5 Moneybloke 10,000
6 Aar4 6,001
7 Sairee 6,000
8 Nixxin 6,000
9 Netra 3,500
10 Antaryaami 3,300
11 Satishkini 3,250
12 ePandu 3,000
13 Anaggh 3,000
14 Nithinkd 2,950
15 Jayaramk1983 2,800
16 Hardik_65 2,660
17 Cheeku_n 2,600
18 Darrypars 2,550
19 Ashwinsid 2,500
20 DhirenSalian 2,000
21 Crypticcanvas 2,000
22 SathyaBhat 2,000
23 Chhavi 2,000
24 Hiway 2,000
25 AshwinMushran 2,000
26 Nandaseth 2,000
27 Anandanjaria 2,000
28 SashG 2,000
29 Gaurivij 2,000
30 Sgurujee 1,250
31 Prolificd 1,250
32 Saurangshuk 1,100
33 Grondmaster 1,040
34 Preshit 1,000
35 Blahssome 1,000
36 Fossfan 1,000
37 Mloclam 1,000
38 Sonikabhasin 1,000
39 Girishmallya 710
40 Ritikadarira 500
41 PrateekGupta 500
42 itemmom 500
Total 141,001

Here is the break-up by charity

No Charity Amount (Rs)
1 HelpTrust 64,000
2 RangDe 37,251
3 Palna 21,300
4 Various 18,450
Total 141,001

The BigLoser India Podcast #033 (finale)

Get your fitness on!


Episode 33 of the #bglsr podcast is the season’s finale – but worry not, we’ll be back with a bite sized roundup once the pledges and donation count is in. Whether you lost or gained weight this year, @Sashg has 7 to-do’s for life! And @b50‘s got the roundup of what went down in the last weeks! We also have a special #blotw and you can read @ShaaqT‘s excellent post here after you hear the podcast. Download/stream/share…

All in under 10 minutes – hosted, as always, by chhavi and produced by Sonologue.