The BigLoser India Podcast #032 (NY eve + contest)

Get your fitness on!


Episode 32 of the #bglsr podcast brings you all your fitness information in a quick and easy format. Anxious about looking your best on New Year’s Eve? Worry not, @Sashg has 8 to-do’s and don’t do’s. @b50’s missing in action BUT we do have a roundup of what went down in the last weeks AND a contest! Find out more in the podcast. Download/stream/share…

All in under 10 minutes – hosted, as always, by chhavi and produced by Sonologue.

Announcing the BigLoserIndia Recipe Contest!

It’s time to pick up the slack and get back to tweeting and sharing with the great BigLoserIndia community! This time we bring you a recipe contest in which all of us share our favourite healthy recipes. So read up on the contest details below and start tweeting!

What exactly is this BigLoser Recipe Contest? 

Cooking healthy food often gets repetitive and boring for the regulars, and it often seems daunting for the novices. The BigLoser recipe contest aims to help the community share and explore new healthy recipes.

The contest flow is pretty simple:

  1. We tweet one ingredient per 2-5 days from @bglsr with the #bglsr hashtag.
  2. Team #bglsr replies with healthy recipes that use that ingredient.
  3. We pick a winning recipe.
  4. The winning recipe is featured here on the BigLoserIndia website.
  5. The person who shares this winning recipe wins #BLOTW!

Here’s a quick example of how this will work:

Step 1: Tweet from @bglsr: Hello team! The #bglsr recipe contest ingredient is  capsicum! Share your healthiest capsicum recipes and you could be our next #blotw!

Step 2:  You share your favourite healthy recipe with capsicum. These can be tweets with the #bglsr hashtag marked to @bglsr, OR emails to contact(at) But we do prefer tweets so that everyone can read each other’s recipes and ingredients.

Step 3: @bglsr announces the winning recipe. The frequency isn’t time-bound. We could pick a winner once in three days, or five.

Step 4: The winning recipe features on’s community pages and the winning contributor wins #BLOTW.

What exactly is a ‘healthy’ #bglsr-friendly recipe?

A healthy and efficient recipe follows some simple thumb-rules:

  1. Healthy cooking methods like steaming, boiling, sauteing, stir-frying with minimal oil, broiling, grilling, etc. Frying is a complete no-no.
  2. Healthy ingredients like healthy cooking oils (absolutely no transfats), fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy, dry fruits and nuts.
  3. Easy to learn: This is important since BigLoserIndia propagates simplicity in healthy living and effectiveness in nutrition. This means that the recipes should be quick (less than five steps), simple and easy to learn even for complete cooking novices.

So get started today, and remember – every healthy recipe counts. So even if all you have on your mind is a simple ice tea or an easy oven bake, we want to hear about it!

One last word: Don’t forget to mark your recipe tweets with #bglsr and @bglsr

May the best recipes win!