Week 4: Eat Breakfast – No Matter What

This week’s tip for all of you on the #BigLoser journey is about eating breakfast – the most important meal of the day. The take-home is simple: You must eat breakfast… no matter what. To help you with that, I’m going to list out some ideas about how to start eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

First things first – what’s a healthy breakfast? Here’s what Mayo Clinic describes it as: A healthy breakfast is one that includes whole grains, low-fat proteins, low-fat dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

If that sounds complicated, let me break it down for you. We’re looking at 4 groups – Whole grains can be either bread or cereal. Low fat proteins can be hard boiled eggs, sprouts or even peanut butter. Low fat dairy is simple – low fat milk or low fat yoghurt. And of course, every one knows how important fruits and vegetables are in our daily diet. Continue reading Week 4: Eat Breakfast – No Matter What

The Big Loser of the Week #004: @sonikabhasin

@sonikabhasin I joined #Bigloser because I thought it was a great concept to help people lose weight and start this year on a healthy note. I joined in to sponsor people and motivate them! I am sponsoring netsonix, @_pwn, @madhumita and @anaggh

I lost about 8kgs 2 years back. Something I always wanted to, but was waiting for something to motivate me. In my case it was my wedding! My biggest fear was looking bad and having a double chin in my wedding photographs! As shallow as that sounds, it helped me lose that weight and I have never felt better! And during this process I realised how so many people struggle to lose weight because there is so much wrong information on the subject floating around. Continue reading The Big Loser of the Week #004: @sonikabhasin

Week 3: Get Your Exercise Basics Right

This week’s tip for 50 Tips for #BigLoser comes from Arnav Sarkar – a personal trainer and one of our writers on HealthyLivingIndia.org, and it’s to do with exercise. That’s right… you can’t have a weight loss programme without exercise! And this week we’re saying: Keep your exercise program simple

Now we all know that a good workout has a variety of benefits– the visible results are you lose weight and the weight stays off… The invisible results are to do with strengthening your heart, your immune system and giving you more energy. But that still doesn’t take away from the fact that at the heart of it, every exercise program is supposed to be simple. Simple doesn’t mean easy, it means uncomplicated. So what I want you to do is answer this question: Does your exercise program have the five elements that I’m gong to list out?
Continue reading Week 3: Get Your Exercise Basics Right

The Big Loser of the Week #003: @nandaseth!

@nandasethOur guest blog post from the Big Loser of the Week #3: @nandaseth

I used to be a long distance athlete and a football player and used to be fit and healthy. After an accident and a subsequent operation, I had stopped all forms of exercises. Add to it a sedentary job/lifestyle – fuel to fire.

Before I could realize much, I was heavy and after a point, I gave up trying to lose weight. My only solace was that I was always below 100 kgs. I thought that was good enough. Being a rice eater didn’t help much. I breached the barrier. On a recent visit to my wife’s doctor, I just stood on the weighing scale and I saw 105.8. I almost had a heart attack.

I was determined to get back to my healthy state. Having realized that my food intake was causing the disaster, I consulted a professional dietician. Now I know it is possible. Here’s what I do:
a. Follow the dietician’s chart diligently (as much as 90%) Continue reading The Big Loser of the Week #003: @nandaseth!

The Big Loser Podcast #003 (exercise – you have to do it)

Get your fix of inspiration, motivation and news in under 10 minutes.

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… or go to http://soundcloud.com/biglosercast/the-big-loser-podcast-003 and download it for later listening!

We’ve got a “Century Club” mention from @b50, tips from healthylivingindia.org‘s @SashG on cardio vs strength training and an interview with our Big Loser of the Week @nandaseth, hosted by @chhavi and produced, as always, by @sonologue.

Week 2: Evaluate What You Eat

Last week, we spoke about goal setting and how to break up your big weight loss goal into smaller targets. Today we’re going to look at how to evaluate everything you eat…I know that sounded quite dramatic, trust me it’s not. It’s a simple idea that says “most of the time, you damage your own weight loss plans without even realising it.”
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The Big Loser of the Week #002: @netsonix!

Dhai kilo! Dhai kilo ka weight loss hai!

netsonixAt the start of the year, I was having quite a few health concerns. When I consulted my doctor, I was told to change my diet and lose extra flab. I was 5 kilos above the BMI limit then. As hard as I could try, it was difficult for me to stick to a healthy diet and my gym visits were erratic.
When b50 came up with bigloser – a community weight loss program coupled with charity, I decided to give it a try. @sonikabhasin was looking for folks to sponsor and I asked her to sponsor me. Since then, I have lost 2.5 kilos of weight and am beginning to settle into a better diet.
Initially, I and Sonika exchanged a few mails/DMs and honestly I was expecting her to give me a long list of “What NOT to eat”. But, surprisingly, she told me to eat every 2-2.5 hours i.e. have small portions of normal meals and in between meals have almonds, fruits, dates, slice of cheese [+1], chana, etc. Also, it is important to have dinner 2-2.5 hours before you sleep, not only gives time for food to digest it will also make you sleep better.
Apart from the diet, work out regularly [at least 4 times a week]. Start with cardio exercises and then move on Continue reading The Big Loser of the Week #002: @netsonix!

Week 1: Goal Setting – Part 2

In Goal Setting – Part 1 we arrived at the correct number of kilos that you will lose on your #BigLoser journey. Now we’re going to break it up into weekly and monthly figures. Knowing your short-term weight loss targets serves an important purpose – it gives your weight loss goal a definite structure and plan. So, what will your weekly weight loss targets be? And how will you go about achieving them?
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The Big Loser of the Week #001: @baxishweta!

Shweta lost 7 kilos in 7 weeks but it wasn’t all easy. You can hear about her journey in yesterday’s podcast. But here’s her story:

baxishwetaShweta has a thyroid condition as well as PCOD. And after having her baby, she gained 26 kilos. Along with the weight, her medical conditions make her retain water. When she woke up every morning her feet were so swollen, she couldn’t wear her shoes. The turning point came when her gym instructor told her “You’ve been gyming consistently for a year and half, and you’ve lost only 1 kg. So you might as well stop.”
Determined to beat the weight, she talked to a lot of doctors. One particular doctor suggested she consult a dietician. That did wonders. In the fist week she was down 1.5 kilos. She started following the diet while continuing medication and somehow, the swelling went down, she started feeling more comfortable. Her friends noticed she’s lost weight and that also helped.
She continues to exercise and now that she’s lost weight, she can go for longer walks.
Bigloser also helps because Shweta Continue reading The Big Loser of the Week #001: @baxishweta!