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Workout tips to help you with healthy weight loss and sustainable fitness, whether you’re a gym rat, weights junkie or cardio bunny from the #bglsr twitterverse

Week 12: The Importance of Weight Training

Today, we’re going to take a break from nutrition and focus on exercise for weight loss. When we talked about cardio-vascular exercise or cardio a few weeks again, we mentioned that while cardio activities are important for weight loss, they should be a part of your total exercise routine. The second part, the focus of today’s tip – is weight training.

Just to make it clear from the start, yes, women should weight train as well. And no, it will not make you bulk up. Yes you need it for weight loss and no, you cannot substitute it with 1, 2 or 3 extra hours of cardio.

Weight lifting for weight loss comes with plenty of great by-products like a toned physique, a varied diet and healthy weight management well into your later years. An average person engaging in weight lifting exercise 5-6 times a week for 45-60 minutes per day, will gain a lean physique and will not ‘bulk up’ as many believe. Continue reading Week 12: The Importance of Weight Training

Home Workouts: 15 Minutes Home Workout

Arnav Sarkar, Strength and Conditioning Coach:

What’s the difference between a 10 Minute Fat Loss Workout and a 15 Minute Home Workout? Simple – in reality you can’t lose a lot of fat with a 10 minute workout. That’s just something sly fitness instructors use to make a quick buck. A 15 Minute Home Workout is different. Think about times when you were to do a regular 45 minutes workout and suddenly something came up. You have two choices – not workout at all or work out for the 15 minutes that you have.

Just to clarify: Why am I calling this a 15 Minute Home Workout instead of just a 15 Minute Workout? Because I’m pretty sure that if you have only 15 minutes to train, then you cannot have the time to travel to a gym and change twice. 15 Minute Home Workouts involves bodyweight, dumbbell, skipping rope and kettlebell.

Here we’ve got routines that you can do with just your own bodyweight. I feel that many people underestimate the value of bodyweight exercises, and thus don’t reach their peak potential. So here are workouts that you can try whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced trainee. Continue reading Home Workouts: 15 Minutes Home Workout

Week 8: Posture during Your Cardiovascular Workout

On last week’s podcast we spoke about what counts as a cardio workout. If you remember, we said that unless you follow the thumb rules of what counts as a cardio workout, even if you spend half the day on the treadmill, it doesn’t count. This week, we’re going to continue talking about the cardiovascular workout specifically, gym cardio workouts. The reason for that is because it’s the most common and convenient workout for a lot of people. In order for your cardio routine to be effective, it’s important that your posture is correct.

There is a reason that trainers will tell you how to use the treadmill, stepper or cycle. Just like when lifting weights, good form is important for your workout. When on the treadmill, cycle, stepper or cross trainer, it’s important that you’re body is erect. Let go of the treadmill hand rails. If you’re running, it’s just dangerous to use the handrails and if you’re walking, swing your arms while doing it. Continue reading Week 8: Posture during Your Cardiovascular Workout

Week 7: Planning a Cardiovascular Workout

Welcome to the seventh installment of 50 tips for #BigLoser. Last week, we left off by saying a healthy diet is only healthy if there’s an exercise component as well. And chances are most of you already have an exercise routine in place. What we’re going to evaluate today is if you’re doing it right. And we’re starting our in-depth look at daily exercise with cardio.

Now what we call a cardio workout is short for a cardiovascular workout – or an aerobic workout. One that exercises the most important muscle of them all – your heart. The happy by-product of exercising your heart is that you burn fat – and… lose weight. But is that actually happening? Are you really losing weight, and feeling the benefits of increased lung power that results in increased stamina with aerobic and other functional activities? Are you feeling better, fitter, hotter? Continue reading Week 7: Planning a Cardiovascular Workout

Week 5: How to Find Time for Your Workout

Hello everyone! It’s time for a quick check. How many of you have managed to stick to your new workout routines, daily runs, yoga sessions, etc that you kick-started your #BigLoser journey with? I know I missed a couple of days because of the glorious India wins against Pakistan and then Sri Lanka! But it turns out that I was in the minority, and several of you managed to stick to your workout routines even through the Cricket World Cup 2011. But it’s been two months and it’s time to re-assess –

Have you found time for daily exercise ever since BigLoser started on 2nd Feb 2011?

In Podcast #3, I said that it’s important to keep your exercise program simple. Now let’s pick up that idea again… this week I want to look at how to find time for your workout…That’s right, it might sound simple enough, but this is one of those things that deceive you into falling back to being lazy about fitness. Since we’re only getting started with all these lifestyle changing habits on #BigLoser, it’s a good idea to assess our performance so far.
Continue reading Week 5: How to Find Time for Your Workout

Week 3: Get Your Exercise Basics Right

This week’s tip for 50 Tips for #BigLoser comes from Arnav Sarkar – a personal trainer and one of our writers on, and it’s to do with exercise. That’s right… you can’t have a weight loss programme without exercise! And this week we’re saying: Keep your exercise program simple

Now we all know that a good workout has a variety of benefits– the visible results are you lose weight and the weight stays off… The invisible results are to do with strengthening your heart, your immune system and giving you more energy. But that still doesn’t take away from the fact that at the heart of it, every exercise program is supposed to be simple. Simple doesn’t mean easy, it means uncomplicated. So what I want you to do is answer this question: Does your exercise program have the five elements that I’m gong to list out?
Continue reading Week 3: Get Your Exercise Basics Right